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Oh dear what a dilema...... like everyone else has said write down the pros and cons for each one......
BUT.....would you like someone living in your house with you..perm. think about it....would you have your own space???? my kids have grown up but when they were young...i ould go back to bed as soon as they were out of the house untill they came home!!!!
if it didn't work out in Georgia imagine the atmosphere between your 2 families...until you found your own place to live..because I presume if it it didn't work out you wouldn't be able to carry on living there....

My husband has just lost his job after 29 yrs working for an American company here in Germany so i do understand what you're going thru...but this hire and fire attitude from American companies just leaves me speechless...unlike Americans we don't have the problem of health care as it is paid for by the gov. So I take it that also is a big problem for you where will get the best coverage, self employed or working for someone....I wish you all the luck in the world..
Take care.
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