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I will tell you that before I had Lupus I had many surgeries without any complications, from sinus surgery to a total hysterectomy, so minor to major surgery.

Last year I underwent a 6 hour surgery to remove my stomach. The surgery itself went well but the complications after the surgery left me scared so bad to ever have another surgery again. I did not know I had Lupus at the time I had surgery in July 2007.

I was in ICU and faired well, but when they moved me into a step down unit all **** broke loose. I could not breath at all, was literally gasping for air. This in itself cured me from ever wanting to receive anesthesia again.

Then I developed fluid around my spleen and severe ulcers. When they took out my staples my incision open up wide as if they just cut me open. This is called a Seroma and it took many, many, many months with a drain tube sticking out of my stomach area to heal this un godly wound.

Then the feeding tube I had would not come was stuck. Every time they tried to pull the tube out it would send me into Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction......HORRIBLE!!!!!!!

They had to eventually take me back into the Operating Room to remove the feeding tube which should have been a simple office procedure to get it out.

Now, I have lost so much weight that not only would I need a tummy tuck but a boob lift, thigh lift, butt lift, get the idea. NO THANK YOU as I will be happy with my saggy skin.

Personally, after what I have been through the thought of elective surgery for me makes me cringe. I can not even wrap my mind around any surgery ever again without it putting me right into a severe panic attack.

If there is such a thing as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from a bad surgical experience then I have it for sure.:eek::eek::eek:
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