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Many of us have had a similar experience, either with NSAIDS or Plaquenil or something else. I think when we feel crummy most of the time we don't notice the gradual improvement from a medication until it is removed. I remember when I had to stop my mobic for a week before my hysterectomy I was not a happy camper. I did take extra Norco (narcotic pain med) as I was permitted per my prescription. Beyond that I stopped any activity that I could. That meant floors weren't swept and other light housekeeping chores I was doing at the time.

There are OTC pain relief creams/ointments available at the pharmacy. Zostrix is one of them. Stay away from the ones containing asprin and ibuprofen. I can't remember if you can take tylenol or not but I believe you can since the Norco I took had tylenol in it. There are also creams that have a tylenol component to them.

Hang in there,
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