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um, i heard a reasonably good joke one. its long - but worth it.

A man is sitting in a bar & sees a stunning girl sitting by herself at a table. After downing a lot of alchol & pshying himself up, he goes over and timidly says "uh ... excuse me Miss? I saw u over here alone and wondered if I might buy u a drink?" with a turn of her head she looked him up and down while he's standing there sweating her reply and loudly responds "NO I WON'T GO OUT WITH YOU!!" Several patrons look his way and embrassment teeming from him he stumbles back to his chair to wallow and down more drinks.
About an hour passes and he feels a tap on his shoulder. Its the stunner who rejected him and she's smiling apologetically. "I'm sorry, I'm a student studying psycholoy and the effect of rejection in a public setting and how this affects the human reaction,"
He looks her up and down and yekks, "$200 BUCKS?!!"

i try and tell this joke to ppl and always, ALWAYS screw teh delivery. thank goodness for text ;)
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