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I went to my Rhemy appointment (he is part of a Lupus treatment centre) and he bascially said my other doc was wrong. While the blood tests are positive, he is sure everything else is working the way it should and he is not ready to stamp "LUPUS" on my chart. While this is a happy moment, I am also left with the migraines and the tiredness and occasional sadness (which I know is definately not from circumstance/personality).

having read how so many people have battled to get their doctor's/diagnoses right - now I am wondering which of the two doctors was right
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Hi Cherry,

Frustrating I know. I am curious, have you ever been tested for APS? (Hughes Syndrome) How long have you carried the dx of Lupus to now be told you do not have Lupus? And, if the bloods are positive and your symptomatic then why the reversal of diagnosis? How many of the 11 Lupus criteria do you meet?

With all these questions I will share with you that in 2005 I was dx with MS. In my heart I always knew I did not have MS. It was not until recently that other things clearly showed up in my bloods that lead to a new diagnosis, the right medicine and now hopefully getting on with feeling better.

If in fact you do not have Lupus then certainly, like with my case, I hope you get a correct diagnosis and you too can get on with feeling better. There is nothing worse then being incorrectly diagnosed, taking drugs for a disease you do not have, continuing to progress because the drugs your taking are all wrong, etc.....

Hopefully they will figure it out for you. Keep us posted.:wink2:
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