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I went to my Rhemy appointment (he is part of a Lupus treatment centre) and he bascially said my other doc was wrong. While the blood tests are positive, he is sure everything else is working the way it should and he is not ready to stamp "LUPUS" on my chart. While this is a happy moment, I am also left with the migraines and the tiredness and occasional sadness (which I know is definately not from circumstance/personality).

having read how so many people have battled to get their doctor's/diagnoses right - now I am wondering which of the two doctors was right
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I guess my main question for you would be - are you getting any sort of treatment for whatever condition this other rheumy thinks you have? Is this doctor just wanting to call it UCTD instead of lupus but keep on treating? What bloods were positive at what levels?

The most important thing is to get adequate treatment for your symptoms/condition. And of course, to be correctly diagnosed! So to have two different opinions is very frustrating indeed. The headaches/migraines can be a symptom of APS as Karol mentioned, so get that investigated for via some blood tests if it hasn't been done already.

I can understand not wanting to put LUPUS in your chart until absolutely certain due to the effect it can have on various sorts of insurance... if your symptoms are headache and fatigue, and no joint pain in particular, then I can understand the second rheumy wanting to back off a lupus diagnosis at this time.

It is important to continue to receive follow up care, or a third opinion, especially as long as symptoms last. Maybe with a third opinion, you'll have two of the same mind and can have a little more confidence in the diagnosis and treatment provided.
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