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Unbelievable sun sensitivity or something else?

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Hi All,
I have a diagnosis of MCTD and am taking plaq, metho and intermitant pred but am not taking it now. I don't usually post threads to often but this isuue has got me wondering and wanted to hear for others who may have some knowledge abut this.

I do have the lupus malar rash andit is photosensitive, but generally as I am not out and about much at the moment and when I am use protective make up it has not badly flared up for a few months although I my inflammatory markers have been high and I my illness is still not quite stable. I am aware from reading the side effects of metho that it can cause increased sensitivity to the sun.

It was quite sunny over the weekend, I did not go out any where except to the washing line and probably spent about 10-15 mins in the garden altogether. Shortly after I came in my ras really came up and I had the warm burning that occurs and then the rash raised up, the skin has now becme dry and slightly scaled. We then had a couple of days of rainy and cloudy whether and although the skin stayed dry and was scaled slightly I would say it was not really flared up. Then todya more sun and the rash up again.

Is it possible to become this hypersensitive from the metho and is it possible that I am going to have where sunblock even when in the house. Or is it more likely that this is coincidence and just the result of a flare.
This really has come as quite a surprise to me. I have not yet sort advice from the gp as I have not felt this is an urgent health concern. Obviously I will seek advice, just wanted to get some info here first.

Take Care All

Cassie :)
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Hi All,
thanks for your replies.

Tammy I feel really sorry for you, that is awful, yes I was wondering if this is just it progressing as it is significantly worse and also I have actually been on the metho for about 6 months now and this is the first sign of anything like this.

Polianna MCTD is an autoimmune lupus type disease. It is diagnosed when there is an overlap of symptoms between Systemic Lupus Erythematosis, Scleroderma and polymyositis ( this causes muscle weakness and inflamation) and when there is a specific antibody in the blood.

Thanks All

Cassie :)
Thanks Stacielee, your insite is really useful. As I said before I did have sun sensitivity, but do suspect that this has worsened since being on a higher dose of metho. I feel terrible for you that you are caused so many difficulties relating to the sun, it must make life really difficult. I hope things improve for you too.

Take Care

Cassie :)
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