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Hello All, As promised just letting you all know how i found this procedure. Firstly when i arrived at the ward, i was told that i would be taken down straight away , because they had been informed they were going to be with out power at 12.30 this was 1145, so when i was in theatre i did feel everyone was rushing !! i was given a nurse with very poor English, i was then given a relaxant, which did help. I didnt feel any injection and was very comfortable. I was told i may experience some hot flush feeling when they put the dye in, this didnt but i got this tightning chest pain that ran down my arm, now the relaxant wasnt working they soon realised i was finding it difficult, they quickly finshed . After a few minutes the doctor appeared and said this sometimes happened he also informed me that things looked good and there were no signs the lupus had done any damage. what great news !!!! When i got back to the ward , because i still had arm pain they put me on a monitor and oxegen, after a short time the ward manager came to see me and told me that the reason i had problems was because they accidently touched the heart muscle and it went into uneven rhythm . Never rush a job !!!!! :eek:especially when someones heart is involved. i have had a few moments through the night but feel better this morning. So would not want it done again, but hey we are all different and i think it was just a bit unfortunate they rushed me. Thankyou for all your well wishes
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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