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Hello everyone ,I hope you are all doing well.
After having my new gynae appointment cancelled twice I finally had my appointment today. The medical student did a thorough medical history ( took almost a full hour) then I saw the consultant but I still don't know anything. The consultant wasn't pleased with the referral from my previous gynaecologist because he didn't forward any reports of the ultrasounds, so now I have to wait for them to get in touch with the other hospital. He is also going to speak to an anaethetist about any procedures I might have, he did mention the merena coil for the heavy bleeding or possibly thermal ablation but doesn't want to consider these until he's done a hysteroscopy because of my age (anybody would think I was ancient).
I've also had my rheumatologist appointment cancelled twice & don't get to see her now until March.
My husband went to collect my Warfarin prescription from the Gp this evening & she's refused to sign the prescription, can she suddenly stop it ?
Dr David D'Cruz at St Thomas' was the one that put me on it.

Thanks for reading
love Angied

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Hi Angie,

It sounds like you had a frustrating day. This was almost as bad as another postponement. I hope your appointment with the rheumatologist goes better.

I suggest you contact your pharmacist with your Warfarin question. You might also want to contact Dr. D'Cruz's nurse and let her know the situation.

Take care,
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