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hello ladies (and gents)
A while ago I told you about that fact that I had applied for a place on a CETLA course in UK. (celta = cambridge english laguage teacher for adults)
and much to my surprise I got a place,

This after my hubby (ex) dumping me after 30 yrs, parents dying, Lupus ect ect.

Well I have just finished my first week...I was warned it would be intensive....but I didn't think it was going to be this bad....I average 5 hrs sleep a night,,,forget breaks during the day. School is from 9_ 5....I am the oldest and the course...I haven't got a clue, what I'm talking about. I'm the only one without a degree and what else....oh yes I LOVE IT.

For the first time for about 25yrs...I'm doing something just for me....I've the kids back home, God help my 2 hubby phoned up to say this and that and what my son has!was reply..
You deal with it............

I really don't know if I will pass only about 80% pass....if I don't I will be bitterly disappointed as I have put so much effort in, setting up my own Internet witha USB stick thing....setting up my printer on my own ect.
really I am PC illiterate.
Plus I am dyslexic....
But I can always say....I tried.
For all the people on here who so often report on terrible things that have happend to them...we never realise how strong we are..until we are put to the test. As I said..even if I don't pass, I can always say...I tried..

I wish you all a peacfull weekend.


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Hi Marika

goodness I'm worn out reading your post, how do you do it? :lol: I'm so pleased to hear you are doing well. you most certainly have been through an awful lot, but you sound very positive and you're doing your best to get on with your life!

I wish you the best of luck with your course marika and I think you will surprise yourself :wink2: I hope you're very proud of yourself :)
I'm currently on a course myself which takes a lot out of me too, but like you I love it! and I also wanted something else just for me.

thank you for sharing this with us marika and please keep us updated, when you get the time :)take care
:hug: karen xx

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It's great to hear from you Marika ! You have done so well taking this initiative. I hope you are very proud of yourself. I did a similar course years ago . It lasted a year and was tough going, so what a month's intensive is like I hate to think

Wishing you every success :)

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Hi Marika,

It's great to hear from you and to hear that you're enjoying the challenge. I remember in the beginning thinking I'd never get there and that when I was teaching students they'd "find me out" and I'd be unmasked as a fraud :rotfl: Luckily that didn't happen and I taught happily for 7 years. I still do a bit now but find it too difficult really from a lupus point of view to continue professionally.

Hope it continues to go really well for you,

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I really admire your determination :)


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That is wonderful news, you are right at least you did try which is something that some people don't even do. You can do it I have faith in you and congrads on the letting go and having the hubby handle things so you can focus on your bettering yourself. You have waited 25 years to do this and it seems that you have a right to do something for you. You maybe the oldest in the class but when you are doing well and the youngster aren't they will feel silly lol.
You have so much to offer and you can do this you will be in the 80% i just know it. Have fun and get a little more rest you will need it.
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