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update on daughter

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Hi Everyone
Just wanted to give you an update, Christy is out of the hospital and doing a lot better, still having a lot of pain. Her test for the liver is almost normal. She spoke to her lupus doctor today and said do not take the imuran that is could have caused it or it could have been a flare. She will get more test done next week and a follow up apt with the Gastro. Dr. and the lupus doctor the next week. After reading about Imuran i believe that the medicine caused the problem. Has anyone else had problems with there liver? Thanks Angie
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I'm very glad to hear your daughter is doing better and is out of hospital now. I have no personal experience with Imuran, so will let others come along with their experience.

If I recall correctly, your daughter was also taking Tylenol for pain? That medication is VERY hard on the liver, and I would ask her doctor about that when she sees them next week. Taking Tylenol with any regularity while on other medications that can be hard on the liver such as Imuran is probably not a good combination. If the Imuran can control her lupus for her, I'd probably rather take that medication than Tylenol if I had to choose between the two. However, there are other options for her for lupus treatment too, so it may be time to move on to try another.

Best wishes for good appointments next week with some other good options to treat her lupus and her pain.
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