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Update on my family

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Hello again everyone ,
just an update on my kids.
My eldest son Craig is seeing the senior cardiologist next month, he's got to have an ambulatory ecg monitor fitted next tuesday. We recieved a copy of the referral letter from his immunologist , he thinks he may have a significant underlying heart problem , he also mentioned Craigs' marked Pectus excavatum(sp), very tall & very slim build. ( I think I maybe right about the Marfans' theory .
He had to see his neurologist yesterday (previous generalised seizure), because of the uncertanty of whether he suffered another fit or some kind of blackout he's decided Craig cannot learn to drive for a second year running.He was really upset yesterday (he wept), he is really unsure of his future.At the moment he is doing a construction course at college , which knocks him about because he suffers badly with joint & back pain (he is hypermobile)
My younger son Lewis is set to have his operation for a hydrocele on the 10th March.We saw his allergist last week and asked about any possible allergy to the anaesthetic occurring. He said he couldn't predict this & that there wasn't any testing that could be done unless he actually has a reaction.
My youngest daughter Leah is to have an insullin pump fitted in a few weeks because of unstable blood sugar readings, she is having lots of hypers & hypos.
We have lots on our plate in the coming weeks & I'm tormented with worry.
Love & best wishes
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My goodness Angie, you sure have alot to deal with!

You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers this upcoming week. I am sure everyone will have favorable outcomes.

Dont neglect yourself, as you can be no good to anyone else if you feel like dropping on the floor yourself.

Take care,
Dear Angie,

I am sorry to hear all this.
I have a Son of 20 who has had a lot of serious ill health,luckily he has found a way to support himself at something that pays well and does not require too many hours. My 17 year old Daughter has Lupus,so I know how worrying it can be, especially when you are not well either.

How old is Craig? I do feel for him, these young lads have things hard, good job he had a cry.
x Lola
Hello & thanks for your replies.
Craig is 18 , he's having a difficult time & he's very angry at the moment.
He seems to have given up on everything ,he hasn't been to college.He usually helps out my brother who's a plumber ,on non college days but he hasn't done that either.
He admitted to me last night that he is very depressed but he won't do anything about it. We arranged for him to see the college councellor a couple of weeks back but he didn't turn up and she phoned today to rearrange the appt but he will not talk to her.
I think kids are more of a worry when they start growing up because you can't really interfere , or demand they see someone.

Dear Angie,
My Luke was not that happy at 18 either, and it is really hard to see them suffer.

Also my Daughter has been through it lately with lupus and other problems diagnosed , the death of her cat and boyfrend leaving her. She is emotionally brighter now but I have had to learn that things for the children don't always go how I want them to. I am with you on all this, Take Care,
Love Lola x
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