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The pain management visit went very well, I'm so glad that I went. He was such a helpful Dr., answered my questions, gave me options as to what I wanted as far as the meds he had several options and I told him that my visit to him was for his input into what he felt best that I should start with and that I was comfortable with trying whatever he felt was right. Apparently, he was pleased to hear this, (?) so he sugested starting out with Doxipin HCI 25mg. before bedtime, explaining that it was an antidepressant that could help with sleep also. He said that I should take it again in the a.m. unless it made me real groggy. Hydrocodone 7.5/325 up to 5 times a day, no more and only if needed. I go back in September to see how it's doing. He also is having hydro-therapy clinic call me for appointments to help me build muscle back. Oh, and a moment of humiliation, as you may or maynot know, I am 94 3/4 pounds and 5'5 1/2 inches tall, well, I wear a padded (girdle-type) underware to help fill-out my jeans. So.......... when he checked my back and hips, he pressed around and I could only say, "that's my padding I wear cause I don't have a butt anymore" and he said oh, okay, I thought that didn't feel right!!!!!!!! :eek::lol: We quickly changed the subject and I thought how I am humbled on a daily basis anyway, why not today!????????
He told me to continue the Skelactin also,and the anti-depressant will help with my pain levels, or should. I am pretty sure that he is truly concerned with trying to help me. I was totaly honest with him about the pain meds and how my rheumy has tried to help me but seems he is rather at a standstill with what to do with me. I never bad-mouthed my rheumy as I'm pretty sure most Drs. wouldn't take it kindly of a Dr. being talked about TOO much. And besides, that was not why I was there really.
Thanks to all of you who posted to me, it has meant alot to me just to know someone out there, ( a Lupie friend;) , would take the time for me.


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