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Hi all,
Back again ! to update you on how things going.

Had consultation with works medical referral doctor. Went well. I personally, never thought it wouldnt either ! My manager had list long questions for them to ask me - I duly replied honestly to them all. Think work place on some sort of "mission" or something - you will know what I mean. ??????????
It was all in my favour, the vibes I got off works medical lady. I answered truthfully all my health etc and situation. Phased return to work, but said I would most probably be applying for less days. She said she agreed and would be putting in the report that this is fine and classed it as a "reasonable adjustment" and for me to start off just 3-hours, and have stretch break - 20 mins. and there has to be compassion here FOR TOWARDS ME AND MY NEEDS ! etc.
seemed extremely fair lady.
When work get the report they sending me a copy. I never for one minute felt threatened, never thought it would end nasty. I knew all along, my situation and I always tell truth, I cant be "had" surely for that. But employers are trying to run a business too, I guess. But we cannot apparently be DISCRIMINATED AT ALL.

Other news, today been to see my Rheumy, explained all, I told him only ever had one migraine many many years ago, and wasnt vomiting. Told him last week had FUNNY TURN with one and vomited. not felt right, and even now have pains in both eyes. I do have (brain) pituitary adenoma - benign. have PCOS on bromocriptine, high prolactin levels etc etc. had 2 MRI brain scans previously Im under also an ENDOCRINOLOGIST. hes done lots blood tests today, said he wants to see about what this migraine was all about ! if anything, he will get back to me ............ if not I see him in 3 months now (oct) to stay on plaquenil, said he didnt think that was or should cause sickly feeling, I feel sickly most days. said he wont start me yet on methotrexate, as may have done if the steroid IM injection helped, it only did 30% tops. so for now he said if ok with me, just carry on with plaquenil one tab daily and co-codamol and bromocriptine, as he said IVE TOO MUCH GOING ON AT THE MOMENT ! no idea in what way that means LOL ????

told him me off work since 6th april, starting back 20th July (15 weeks off on doctors SSP - UK medical sick notes). He said Ive mild lupus, he said it is not in major organs. to any lay person if I said mild they would think I aint got much wrong, but I have cos in agony 24/7. he said the fibromyalgia also giving me pain, and cracking bone sounds, etc.................
I dont like they eye pain and sickly, NOW GETTING WEARY EVERYDAY, plus damn pain.
but atleast Im with a fantastic rheumy, hes tops, the top rheumatologist there , have total faith in him. Would never doubt him, when I was referred on NHS in UK, you get whoever you get, but I realise I did actually get the top guy, if hadnt, the rest are fine but I feel more confident and more secure.
Wish everyone could see him. Hes totally understanding, has time for you, not rushed. Puts your health and situation at PRIME IMPORTANCE.
Im also - YEY finally and its almost finished, sending off my DLA application form off on monday. There you go.
Hope you all as well as can be.
thinking of you all.
take care, love, regards and very best wishes.

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Hi Diane,

I am so happy that your consultation went so well.:)

You have an amazing rhuemy.:) It is great he takes time to sit with you and explain it all.

Eye pain is worrisome. I went to my ophthalmologist just last week with eye concerns. I hope you go see your ophthalmologist soon about pain in your eyes.

I was told with all I have going on with me. That it is wise for me to go in and make sure everything is ok.

Take care and let us know how you are doing.

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