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Hello , i hope everyone's doing well.

I had my appointment with St Thomas' on Monday. I saw Dr Sangle again.

I wasn't very well, i had a migraine (I assume it was because of the hot sunny weather). I'm not really happy with the appointment & I'm a bit concerned.
The doctor wants my INR range to change from 2-3 to 3-4. Apart from phlebitis some time ago ,I haven't had any known clots!
My Inr last Wednesday was 2.5 & I had 3 migraines from then to Monday , I've also had quite a lot of migraines over the last few months.I had an appointment with anticoagulation clinic on Tuesday & my Inr was 3.4 without changing any meds or a change in diet etc.(but I'm still getting migraines)
I've also got to up my dose of Plaquenil from 200mgs to 400mgs on Mondays , Tuesdays & fridays.
I gave him a copy of my local rheumys report & blood results with my symptom list & photos of classic malar rash (local rheumys words not mine) & red , hot & puffy toes.I also gave him the results of brain Mri which was normal but he's going to request a copy of the scan.
He gave me a summary note to show anti-coag, local rheumy & Gp, he wrote on list of diagnosis 'lupus-like features with negative seriolgy'. I suppose at least it's brought me one step closer to diagnosis.
I'm really worried about being over dosed on warfarin , I'm already 3 weeks into my period , bleed rectally & I'm still being treated for anaemia.
Since appointment I've been suffering with dizziness,feeling queasy, stabbing pain in my knee & I feel so exhausted I could fall asleep standing up.
sorry for moaning.
love Angied
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