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Hi Rhonda,

It sounds like you have a gem of a GP there :) that's always very important that they are thorough and attentive when we are trying to work out what the heck is going on.

Here's some information that explains the eGFR test more:

Compared to serum creatinine, the eGFR more reliably detects kidney disease in its early stages. Because the calculation works best for estimating reduced renal function, the NKF suggests only reporting actual results once values are < 60 ml/min (normal values are 90-120 ml/min, according to the NKF). An eGFR below 60 ml/min suggests that some kidney damage has occurred. The NKF recommends that your eGFR result be interpreted in relation to your clinical history and presenting conditions.

That's just an extract but you can read more about it on the link.

Having said that I would not worry too much about it at this stage (easier said than done I know). It's one of those tests that need to be read in conjunction with your clinical symptoms and also a urinalysis (preferably a 24hr urine collection) but a dipstick test will be ok as an initial investigation.

So many of us have mild kidney problems but they come and go and don't tend to get serious. Certainly that was the case for me and many others here, even though at times the results were alarming it came and went. Being aware of it is what matters so they can compare results and take action if need be.

Your GP could treat you but in reality that's probably not ideal. August is not too far away and in the grand scheme of things a couple of months won't make that much difference. It's also important to have expert eyes on this and make sure Lupus is what you have. Your GP wouldnt start you on any of the Immunosuppressants anyway, maybe only Plaquenil. That would take a while to kick in and if you did have kidney problems it's not going to help them. You would need stronger meds for that which the Rheumy would prescribe if this is not just a one off result.

Perhaps the GP will try and get the appt moved up if she feels its warranted and things deteriorate even further. They may not though and it's important to get the right diagnosis or it may skew the picture even more being treated now. Best to leave it to the experts.

I hope the next couple of months go fast and that you can try and find some comfort in the fact that finally you are on the right track at least.

sending hugs,

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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