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They can vary considerably, especially if when you are flaring you are taking high doses of NSAIDs. That is the reason why I've been taken off NSAIDs now because my creatinine rises substantially (& correspondingly the GFR falls since they are related to each other by a simple equation). So if you were taking a lot of NSAIDs to try to control the pain, that alone could have caused the GFR to fall.

Usually, in people with lupus related kidney issues, they are leaking protein in their urine and sometimes red blood cells too. I would have your GP run a urinalysis on you (preferably when you are not on NSAIDs) to check on your kidney functioning. Lupus related kidney issues tend to not just come and go without treatment if they are serious. Many of us here do have some minor kidney issues which never escalate and will not require heavy duty treatment.

Good luck to you - I'm glad to hear you are on your way to getting some answers and some treatment. You could attempt to have your GP contact the rheumy office and see if she can order any blood tests in advance of your appointment so that he/she has everything needed to make a diagnosis and start treatment. You can also call and inquire about any cancellations every now and then. Sometimes it works!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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