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Hi Everyone

Thought I'd just drop by and let you know how things are going:)

Not feeling too bad at the moment which is nice:wink2:

I saw a vascular surgeon finally last week about my hand turning blue and losing feeling in it. He was really nice and said that my circulation was fine and did a dopla test on my wrist. Everything seemed fine other than one little niggle so he's referred me for nerve conduction study to check for carpal tunnel syndrome.

I have that done on the 9th October so we shall see. Not sure what this entails but I'm kinda getting used to going from one test to the other:lol:

Still waiting on a dermatologist appointment so hopefully that won't be too long.

Oh yes I got a copy of a letter that was sent to the occupational therapist at work from my Rheumy who clearly stated that no firm diagnosis as been made and that I'm not yet fit for work.
Rheumy also put that I had a slightly elevated RF and although no great significance at the moment it could be in the future? Not sure about that but at least she's acknowledged that the RF wasn't within 'normal' range.
She also mentioned that although poorly for a year it seems I'm in the early stages of what could be wrong with me.

I really feel now that Rheumy is trying for me which is something.

Oh my I hope that this puzzle will one day come together.:lol::rotfl:

Hope you're all doing well

Mrs M x

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Hi Mrs. M,

A nerve conduction study will show if there are any blockages in the nerve pathways. The following site will give you a brief description of the test.

I have had a few nerve conduction studies. Any discomfort you feel is only momentary. The only prep I remember is not to apply any lotions to the area as it slows down the response.

Good luck with your dermatology appointment.

Take care,
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