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Urology doc confused or is it me?

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Hey All,
I went to a new Urologist yesterday as my old one retired. In 2005 I was dx'd with hyperspastic bladder and incontinenance after alot of outpatient testing at local hospital. I hadn't seen this doc since late 2006. My PCP referred me to this new doc, waited @ a month for the appt., took recent blood labs and all test notes from old urologist. After a simple UA and an ultra sound of bladder this guy tells me that the Flomax I've been taking for 3 yrs. is working against me & making my problems worse. He continued to say he felt my incont. and other bladder problems were only caused by my age 46, (ancient right!) and childbirth ( I've had 2 children, and my youngest is almost 17 y/o. ). I'm to do a urinary diary for 3 days noting time and amounts. Mail it back to them as its 25 miles away, and I have a return appt. for one month when they will do all the major testing again. I agree with doing the diary, and updating testing as its been 3 yrs. What I can't understand is how this guy can disregard all my other history and meds, saying its not SLE or Sjogrens causing my problems. Also I did tell him my dad had his bladder removed due to cancer and is now been told the cancer is back and he's got 4 to 6 months of life left.
Sorry for the extended rant.

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Hi michelle

I'm sorry to hear your appointment didn't go too well :( you must be frustrated & disappointed to discover that the flomax has done you more harm than good :eek: :mad:
I'm sorry I haven't got any advice except to suggest that you ask for a second opinion if that's possible?

I am so sorry to hear about your dads diagnosis michelle..sending you lot's of strengthening hugs (((((michelle))))) please let us know if we can help in any way at all.
lots of love to you karen x
Hi Michelle,

(((((((((Michelle))))))))) so sorry to hear about your Dad :hugbetter:

I don't really understand why were you given Flomax in the first place, it can indeed cause you your current problems and if they were already existent it could make them worse. It's not the usual sort of med to take for hyperspastic bladder. Things like Ditropan work much better.

Whether these problems are due to childbirth and getting a little older or not there are other meds that would help you much better than this. It's an extremely common problem after 40, but not often talked about.

However if you have any other problems with your Lupus like central nervous system involvement then it can happen with that too. I had a combination, some of it happened after a hysterectomy and prolapse and it was extreme due to central nervous system vasculitis. However Ditropan did help in the interim until we sorted out the Lupus. Now I don't need to take Ditropan.

It would be best to go through all the testing again because things can change over time and he probably wants to get you on a better med regime.

take care,

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Karen and Lilly,
Thanks for your kind words regarding my dad. It should be quick but we'll still have the time to do and say things we need to. And I will be helping to take care of him before hospice comes in for the end. Yes, I do intend to follow the tests recommended. It is necessary to sort these things out. I guess I was just put out by some of the docs responses.

Dear Michelle,

Well I am 50 and would be pretty miffed if someone made me feel old. Good Luck with the testing.

Sorry to hear about your Dad, I know you are going to support him, but do you have plenty of support for yourself?
Hey, at least you have us!
x Lola
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