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Using Ibuprofen gel instead of pill?

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Hey All,

A quick question please.

Do any of you use Ibuprofen gel instead of the pill form for when you have joint pains?

Reason I ask is I was thinking that this may be a slightly better form of treatment for those whose stomachs can't take Ibuprofen.

Obviously the gel wont have the same effect as the pills, but would it do some good? Or would the pressure of the massaging into the joints only make them worse?
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Hi there,

I find the gel excellent for any aching muscles due to over-exertion (or my weird body's idea of over-exertion). It is also good for swollen tendons and mysterious extra aches I get.

Generally if my inflammation is generalised - I get a lot of very bad inflammation everywhere - i.e. skin, muscles, tendons, joints in general, lungs... - then it is not enough.

It is certainly worth a try for the extra aches and any localised pain that you may get.

Thanks Katherine.

I pretty much have different joint pains on different days. Sometimes real painful sometime not so much.

Over the weekend, my first joint in my little finger was real bad. But as it was just one pain I didnt want to have a paracetemol.

Today the pain has moved from the little finger to my right knee!!!!!!

In these cases I would rather just massage something in rather than having a paracetemol or NSAID.
Yep, well those are the sorts of pains I use it for and it is nice to not take even more tablets than I usually do.

I do also have a permanant script for an NSAID that I take "as needed". It's not ibuprofen as my rheumy would rather I used another one and it is actually soluble under the tongue which also makes it a lot easier on the stomach.

I use a similar cream but it is not from the nsaid group! My GP does not recommend the nsaid creams for people that cant tolerate nsaids in forms of pills, so i cant get it prescribed.

For me the cream only helps a little to dull pains on the surface of skin only - does not help with deep down pains!

Good luck with finding the correct pain relief for you!

i find it helps when i have costochondritis...rub it into my chest! altho it does feel a bit sticky!!

I use Voltaren gel, for localized joint pain.

I can say, that it is helpful. :)

I hope you, find much relief in your pain relief gel.

I'm using a cream called Capsaicin - it's also known as chilli pepper cream. I use it for costochondritis and it really helps.

In the past for joint pain I've used glucosamine gel or magnesium oil.


Pam x
I am sorry to say I have never heard of Ibuprofen gel.

Let us know how it works for you.
Hey Surfer,
I too have used this or also Diclofenac (Voltarol) gel for small joint pain and found it helpul.
Also me too with the rib thing(?Chosto.)
I'm not sure it would help much for deeper pain.
Katharine: I haven't tried it on muscle aches - may give it a go.
Just to add,

I remember a posting here about an ointment called 'Firey Jack'.

Remember something about it not being ' for the feight hearted''.

I Googled it not so long was thinking about using it in replacement to having injections ( cortiis) into painful areas.

Its from the Capsicum family and works like a distraction from localised pain as I presume its heat is intensive, bit like a tens machine..distracts the brain pain levels..

Worth a Google

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