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UTI and Upper Respiratory Infection

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Hi all,

Just one week ago I finished Pred - now have both of the above.

I visited a GP today who checked urine (leukocytes present) - so prescribed antiobiotics.

He was not concerned enough to check my chest etc. just told to take a paracetamol it might help.

I have just been reading the Lupus Uk information on UTI's etc and it states white blood cell test to perhaps be performed - this I think is to distinguish between flare or infection or to confirm both.

What I really want to know is is really necessary to get this test done - does anybody ever get it done?


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Hello Lesley

I might be having a seriously senior moment but aren't leukocytes white blood cells ?
I see you've edited the keratin thingies you mentioned before :hehe: That had me really puzzled ! Anyway, the high white blood cells in urine usually indicate infection, at least that's what they go by in my case. I have no classic symptoms when I have a UTI, just very tired and a few niggles and slight cramps.
A high blood white blood cell can indicate the body fighting infection too, I think. I dont know how infection is confirmed in URTI's except that nasty coloured sputum can indicate infection as opposed to viral illness.

Your doctor sounds a bit casual. Surely it's basic medicine to listen to a chest. On the other hand I have to ask mine to do blood pressure but then I never have any symptoms to suggest there's anything wrong with it, whereas I guess you do have signs of a possible URTI.

I believe that Prednisone can mask symptoms of infection.

What happens now then ?

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White bloods cells are leukocytes and a sign of inflammation (not neccessarily in form of UTI) - so no senior moments for you!:wink2::lol:

:eek: Well spotted, I did remove the keratin and replace it with luekocytes - brain fog lupie moment for me!:hehe:

The only real signs I have is slight burning, when I need to go I definately have to go! Other than that I have only a few twinges (which I get anyway), back (buttock) a little more inflammed.

My GP was very casual (no suprise me me though), he's one of the ones over the years that has treated my symptoms as all viral or womens gynae problems! My usual GP will not be back n surgery until mid September.

My chest/throat passages still feel inflammed, but lets hope the antibiotics works for that (dont want a chest infection developing). Sputem test is what I had done before (but if mucus green/yellow then there is usually an infection), detects what type of infection so they can treat accordingly.
I can tell the difference between infected mucus and non-infected just by taste in mouth!

Pred - well as to it masking symptoms! Well the reason I went back on it was to help control temps, sickness, flu symptoms and tiredness.
I totally agree that it mask symptoms and does not get rid of them!

Then the reason I came back off Pred was to see (for myself) whether I was actually getting the help needed just from Plaq - still not after 8.5 months! Grounds now for sure to move onto additional mediactions (not pred) that will benefit me more.

(((waffling too much))):hehe: so i will go!!!:lol:

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Hi Lesley,
sorry to hear you've been under the weather.

Hope you feel better soon!

Take Care

Cassie :)
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