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You certainly have enough signs and symptoms indicating there is a problem; it is often much more difficult to get an autoimmune diagnosis (warranted or not) without any positive auto-antibody bloodwork though. How high is the protein being spilled? Is your bloodwork entirely normal or are some things slightly off (often the only way you will know this is if you get a physical copy of the bloodwork instead of relying on a doctor's summary). If you're spilling +1 protein or more, then you really should be referred to a nephrologist. Be cautious of what medicines you take as they can be hard on the kidneys in the meantime (especially NSAIDs like ibuprofen/Motrin/Advil)

For the rashes, take pictures of them. Then you can show that to the doctor as they definitely do make a habit of disappearing just in time for a doctor appointment it seems! Many people here have been diagnosed by dermatologists who biopsy the rash - especially those with negative ANA. In some people, the ANA is not positive while the SSA antibody is positive (which is an antibody highly associated with sun sensitive skin rashes).

I have suffered from constant drainage down my throat and chest pains with a viscious months long cough. I'm not entirely sure it was due to lupus - this occurred long after I had been diagnosed with lupus. I went through a **lengthy** workup with allergist doctor (no allergies), ENT doctor (had no answers) and my GP as well as my rheumy. Eventually I was placed on the right antibiotic which cleared it up but only after my 1 year old daughter was diagnosed with a very resistant bacterial ear infection & an MRI showed gunk in my sinuses --- so a GP placed me on the same antibiotic as her and FINALLY it was gone. It was murder going through all that - so you have my deepest sympathy.

The chest pain could be costochondritis (especially if you have a bad cough associated with the drainage). There are other causes too of course.

Definitely don't give up, do your best to rest and think positively. Post in the find a doctor section or do a search of the website for doctors in a major metropolitan area near you. Best of luck that you find some answers, some treatment, and a good doctor soon. Please let us know how things go...

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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