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Hi again,

I have had a sore eye over the last few days. It is extremely sensitive to light and painful in a "smarting" kind of way. By evening time it's crying away all on its own! Not great for sitting at the PC :hehe:

I took myself off to the doc today as it wasn't getting better and he said it is Uveitis. He said it can occur with autoimmune diseases. I had never even heard of it before... anyway, I have anti-inflammatory eye drops which should hopefully clear it and he has told me not to go out at all without my sunglasses - guess I'm going to have to try and imitate the stars again - first the hat, now the shades :lol:

Just wondering if any of you have had this or heard of it?

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HI Katherine

I had uveitis about 18 months ago. I was at St Thomas hospital anyway for a gastroenterology appointment so I went to the Eye Casualty and the chap there said I had this. I remember my eye being quite painful and reddish. He prescribed antibiotic eye drops which had to be put in every 4 hours I think and which I remember calmed it down within a day or two and it completely went and I havent had it again, thankfully. He also said it goes along with autoimmune diseases like sle.

I hope you feel better very soon; Im sure the eye drops will help you.

Oh yes, I did have to wear sunglasses alot (although I do seem to wear them when outside alot anyway) because my eyes were sensitive to the sunlight.

Hope this has been of some reassurance to you, but remember if it doesnt clear up go back to your dr or eye department at your local hospital.


Julia x
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:) Hi Katherine, I am sorry that you have a new symptom.
Now, between the hat and the sunglasses, you are going to need a cane to scare off all the movie star men that will be chasing you!!!.
I have never heard of Uveitis, but I do have one eye that begins to feel hot, then hurting, then like you said, the water will flow out of it like a river. I am glad only hubby has seen it cause it looks like I am crying out of only one eye. I have not had my eyes checked in over two yrs. and
I keep thinking of making one, but something else comes up. But, I will make the appt.
Do you have to get special eye drops or can you use the
regular ones that we keep in out medicine cabinet? Will you let us know if things work out and how long it takes?
I am going to have to make an appt. soon. Please be well:rolleyes:
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Reoccuring Uveitis.

Hi there,
I am actually on here for a cure for mouth ulcers when i spotted ur question about Uveitis,and i thought id give u a quick reply.
To cut a long story short it was my reoccuring Uveitis that prompted the doctors to look more closely at diagnosing Lupus.Never mind all the other symptoms that i had it wasn't until they could actually see it that they took notice of me.
Basically this is a very painful condition and should not be left untreated,as soon as i get the slightest tingling, i know i am about to go into an episode,i now bypass the docs and go straight to the eye department at hospital as it saves time waiting on docs appointments and referrals.Due to the drops being a steroid not all docs can prescribe without u being seen by a specialist.
The good news is that it clears as quickly as it came,so u wont need to wear ur shades for long if u treat it early enough.
Hope this helps.
Gwennie x
ps,Dont suppose u have a cure for mouth ulcers,i am covered in them.
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Thanks all,

I dutifully used the drops for a few days but the GP had said if it doesn't get better I had to see the opthalmo. Of course it didn't.

Turns out it wasn't Uveitis at all but some sort of organic substance - the opthalmo is a German speaker and didn't know what it is called - that is very sticky and had blown into the eye and "stuck" there. So well stuck that the GP apparently couldn't see it a few days before.

Anyway, nice to know it wasn't further rusting from lupus... and my eye is now fine.
Also, good to know that if one does have something like Uveitis it should be taken very seriously, so we should never hesitate to go to the docs and get it sorted.


I'm glad it didnt turn out to be uveitis!

I must say my docs always refer me to the hospital for eye problems as they say their equipment is to basic to identify most problems in eyes!

Did they manage to remove the organic substance from the eye?

Have a nice weekend!

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