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HI Katherine

I had uveitis about 18 months ago. I was at St Thomas hospital anyway for a gastroenterology appointment so I went to the Eye Casualty and the chap there said I had this. I remember my eye being quite painful and reddish. He prescribed antibiotic eye drops which had to be put in every 4 hours I think and which I remember calmed it down within a day or two and it completely went and I havent had it again, thankfully. He also said it goes along with autoimmune diseases like sle.

I hope you feel better very soon; Im sure the eye drops will help you.

Oh yes, I did have to wear sunglasses alot (although I do seem to wear them when outside alot anyway) because my eyes were sensitive to the sunlight.

Hope this has been of some reassurance to you, but remember if it doesnt clear up go back to your dr or eye department at your local hospital.


Julia x
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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