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:ghost: :explain: Well, at least we are not alone, and have a head start on the rest of the crowd for Halloween! I have been diagnosed APS within the last year or so, and have no idea if my "blue veins" are due to that or vasculitis. Have you been diagnosed APS by any chance?

I have these horrific, huge blue veins that cross over the top of my torso, through the breasts, and up to the tops of my shoulders. Makes a nice little road map across my chest. These are large veins as well, not the little spider purple things (although I have enough of those as well!).

I would love to know what the devil is causing it, and if there is anything that can be done to disguise them with summer arriving. Tanning used to work, but that option has now been permanatley ruled out.

I'm beginning to think wearing a burka might have it's advantages .. I've always looked good in black. :lol: Tracy
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