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I feel like I am in a tailspin with no signs of stopping. I've lost count of how many doctors I've seen and still need to see in the last few weeks-Seems like my body is certainly turning against me.

I still have a bladder infection, despite a 10 day course on antibiotics, so I've just begun another course..I am concerned how this long term infection and antibiotics is affecting the baby...althought they say its OK, well I still worry since this has been going on for almost a month. I've also tested positive for Group B Strep infection..not the end of the world I know but just another worry for baby and more antibiotics before and after birth.

Went to dermatologist...have developed eczema all over both legs, have itchy pimply rash all over my back and discoid lesions beginning to show up on my front. More creams, lotions..etc

My gallbladder is misbehaving due to pregnancy..nothing serious, just painful and annoying

And of course, my nose and mouth are a mess, joints are beginning to become tender and I know I have to call the rheumy and be seen..I have follow up appt on april 17th, but should probably be seen sooner... I dread seeing just one more doctor!

I am still waiting wound culture results on my little guy, they tell me there are two organisms growing in there but need more culture time to determine if it is drug resistant or not..Although it has not gotten any worse, its not healing as fast as I thought it would.

I just want to scream

Whine over....
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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