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During the 4.5 years I took prednisone I had not a single virus. No runny noses, no chest infections, no sore throats or sinus infections. I did have a buffalo hump and lumps of fat randomly distributed around my body, but I didn't get "sick". Now, in the months since I've been off prednisone, I've caught every virus in town. And some of them twice. My sons and husband were all sick last week, but with two different viruses. I caught what my older son had and I've been sick with 102 F temps for days. I had one good night and now it's pretty clear I'm coming down with what my husband had, which is a nasty coughing chest cold. I've also had several UTI's. What's going on? I expected to be sicker from viral causes when my immune system was suppressed.

Anybody got an explanation? I am so tired of being sick I could scream.

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