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I saw my rheumy today. She just got back from maternity leave, her baby is gorgeous btw, and she has decided that my mctd MIGHT be turning into SLE. My liver enzymes remain at an all time high, and I had a second ultrasound of it yesterday. She didn't get the results of that yet. She also thinks my autoimmune is affecting the small capillaries of my brain. I have been walking into walls, and leaning against them as I walk, have dizziness sometimes, which could be meds, and have been having blurry vision, with like a grey shadow tunnel on the edges of my vision. She is running lupus bloodwork in two weeks, and started me on Cellcept tonight. She also didn't like the grey color of my right hand, or that my whole left side, and across my shoulders is "hard as a rock!!!!"

A lady from church, who also deals with her own autoimmune stuff (fibro and Hashimoto's) asked me if this was a good change in dx or a bad one. I said it was kind of more a horizontal change, not up or down, except for the change in symptoms.

The reason that I had to go in today was that I have been horribly weak and beyond fatigued. I am barely making it to the bathroom, let alone upstairs to sleep in my own bed. I can't stand up through a whole shower or clean or make dinner for my family. A nurse saw me, thankfully, trying to walk down the hall to the rheumy's office, and that I had to lean against the wall for support. So she walked with me to make sure I made it. i hate being in need of help like that. I hate it. grr.

Anyway, that was my day. My kids came home from camping for a week with my parents in their camper. Theyare tanned, not good!, and itchy, and filled with stories of good times. So that makes me very happy. Hugs, Jen.
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