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Hello There,
I wasn't sure where exactly to post this message but felt it may be helpful to others. In the past 5 yrs I've had costochondritis 6 times. This last bout was really bothering me so my PCP gave me Vit B12 injections (8 of them) in trigger or pressure points in my spine. A tuberquline needle was used so the shots didn't hurt at all, just felt a little like I'd gotten some sun on my back. Within 24 hours my rib pain was gone! A side benefit, at least for me, was decreased joint paint in other parts of my body. Yahhhh! Of course I did get hives but I only on my back, and it only lasted 2 days but hey I can certainly live with that! In previous times this was not mentioned or tryed so its worked only this time. But if it eased the pain and shortened the effects of the flare I am going thru I'm grateful.
Sorry so long, but just had to share. Feeling better and hoping it lasts a little while longer. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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