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Vitamin D?

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In this Sunday's Parade section of the Chicago Tribune, there is an article on "Eating for a Better Mood", it says, "Vitamin D plays a role in reducing the risk of osteoporosis, various cancers, and autoimmune diseases." It also says that "it may also help alleviate seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
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Hi Lisa,

Have you had your vitamin D levels checked?

I don't think this is really 'new' news - docs have known that vitamin D is important for a long time. What is important is having enough. Mega doses aren't helpful as far as I know.

Lupies can often be deficient though and being given a supplement can be very helpful for them.

Here is Holland all babies are given vitamin D drops - maybe because of our cloudy weather:wink2:

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A new chiropractor recently mentioned Vitamin D deficiency and possible links to autoimmune syndromes. I did a little checking and if anyone is interested, here are a few links:,b1kJpvRw,w[/url]
My Rheumatologist said low vitamin D can cause joint pain. I had a low level and was given Calcichew Vitamin D and calcium.
I suppose because lots of people with Lupus are sun sensitive that doesnt help as vitamin D comes from the sun.
Sal x
Thank you for the links to those articles. My rheumy just tested my Vit D levels and now I take a supplement every Wed, for a month, then every other week. It could explain this flare that couldn't be a flare this long with lots of joint and muscle pain and fatigue. I've been on it for three weeks now, and it is making a difference.
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