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Waiting for results and would like your opinion (kidney)

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I had to go to the ER wed. night with a blood pressure of 165/111. They told me to double my cardizem and see my GP. I saw my GP friday and he put me on Dyazide and told me to keep taking double the cardizem. BP is still in the 135/95 range. He said he thinks it may be my kidneys because I have a lot of water retention, hpb, and very weak muscles (especially my legs. I fell in the lab because my legs wouldn't hold me as I was standing up).

You all have a wealth of experience and I hate waiting for test results. Does it sound plausible that it could be a kidney problem or just maybe an over cautious doctor?
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It's certainly a possibility based on your symptoms, & I am assuming that your doctor ran a U/A and blood tests that assess kidney functioning? Hopefully you will find out on Monday to minimize and worry/wait time.

Trouble with kidneys is highly correlated with a spike in blood pressure and water retention. Weakness can occur too due to anemia and other causes also associated with reduced kidney function. So I'm glad you were seen and have already gotten the tests done - now you just have to wait a few days to find out. That's always the hardest part!

Good luck - write back to let us know how it turns out.
Overall good news. Now to just find something that will help with that water weight that won't cause too many other problems...

Thanks for the update!
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