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Poking, Sticking
Their human Guinea Pig
The clouds showing blue
makes my heart sing

Remission, dismission
It's all gone away
Until that one day
That flare up got in my way

the pain
replayed itself
like a broken record
just for me to find out
I had not made it to heaven

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Hi Mz

The smell of freshly mowed grass in the early morn
A baby's first cry when it is born

Brightly coloured rainbows after soothing rain
The gentle stroke of a horse's mane

The frailty and beauty of butterfly wings
And the peace a quiet sunset brings

I know it sux to be Lup-deluxe
But the things above all inspire love
And for all they're worth...
Our little heaven on earth:)

:) I hope your heart keeps singing!:)
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