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walking and leaning to my left

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:hehe:I have take my time to speak or my words are jumbled together a lot. all of a sudden I'm light-headed but pressure is fine never high or too low. Also my body wants to pull to the left, taking meds like I'm suppose to.:hehe:
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I have noticed myself doing this for brief periods of time (no more than a few days). I noticed it most when I was pushing a stroller that suddenly I would be walking to the left of the stroller while both my hands were still on the stroller handle to the right of me. For me, it just turned out to be another one of those things that comes and goes, just an interesting "aside" to any doctor I've mentioned it to.

Have you mentioned this to your doctor and are they concerned about it given any other symptoms you may have along with it?

Did all these symptoms start simultaneously or come on gradually?

When I fall I go to the left. It turns out the left leg is weaker than the right. When I exercise I do a few more reps on that side to try to build those muscles more.

The slow speech and jumbled words could be due to fatigue and/or brain fog. Just to be sure you should mention this to your doctor.

Take care,
I go back to see the doctor next week and i will her then. It just started gradually this week. I did good during this past summer concerning some pain here and there, but now the weather has changed I'm catching he** .
Hi Shorty,

The change in weather affects many of us. Sorry to hear that it bothers you also.

Good luck with your appointment.

Take care,

Hi Shorty,

I too have the same problems as you with speech, having to talk slowly and really think bout what im saying and the walkign to the left thing.

Before i was diagnosed with lupus i had balance problems and had various balance tests preformed. I was told i have a periphirel lesion on the left, in my ear. They thought i had menieres but apparently my symtoms are not classic to that.

Finally when i was diagnosed with lupus the doc said this explains the balance im gussing there is a link.

Hope you feel better soon, let us know how you get on with the doctor.

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