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Weeing (A LOT) Just started Prednisolone

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Hello everyone.

I'm Tracy and I joined this site in March but haven't posted since. I do pop on every now and then to have a read though.

I have been taking Methotrexate since June 07, I was put on Plaquenil around February 08 and I have just been prescribed Prednisolone. I am on another couple of things as well.

I have been takining the Prednisolone for a week now and have noticed I am weeing LOADS!

I go before I go to bed but am finding i'm having to get up a couple of times a night. Sorry for the tmi but it's not just a trickle either. My fluid intake hasn't changed but I seem to be going a lot more than before.

I have weekly blood tests and apart from an occasional dodgy liver function there don't seem to be any other problems.

I just wondered if this was normal. I read the leaflet which came with the tablets and it states that if you have been taking it for a long time then you may start to get symptoms of diabetes e.g the weeing more frequently but surely not after 1 week.

Apologies for the long thread to especially when i'm not a regular poster.

I have been put on the pred because of the extreme tiredness and fatigue. I have been diagnosed as having Lupus. The original diagnosis 4 years ago was RA but that is now being debated.

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom.

Tracy :)
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I didn't notice that side effect from prednisone for me personally... but when my dog has been on it twice now to treat hot spots, she had to go wee in the middle of the night at least 1-2 times a night too. The vet warned me about this but said she would be drinking more too and that would be the cause of it so to check water bowls more frequently to make sure it's filled up.

I hope you're not on it for too long - it's no fun getting up in the night a few times to pee!
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