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For me weight gain also correlated with being ill.

There may be an aspect of being over 40 but that I do not think would account for high amount of weight I put on, only perhaps where it was dispersed so to speak:wink2:.

No matter what causes the metabolism to 'slow down' this will make a difference. One is more likely to put on weight.

The other thing in all honesty is that if one really looks at the things one had forgotton they ate in a day those little extras do count up.........I do hear what you are saying about how little you eat. Im pointing the unesscessarily obvious here as it still needs addressing in general.

What you eat and what time you eat also will account for how one looses or puts on weight.
An obvious example would be eating late at night.
I might as well slap that bit of toast onto my stomach and not waste time putting in my mouth:wink2:.

So why the weight gain.

This is my own experience......

When Im ill with lupus I put on weight. I have never put that much weight ( except when pregnant).
I found it difficult almost impossible to loose it.
I also found that I felt bloated all over, I swelled but not around my ankles.
Psychologically this made me feel I was literally balooning up.

Moving around was so tireing and cumbersome that the amount of effort just to try living took everything out of me. For the huge amount of effort it perplexed me why I kept piling on the weight.

One has to do a certain amount of aerobic exercise as well as muscle work to loose weight.
So gradually I started walking. Walking was hard but it somehow felt better and tireing in a better way than just moving around.
For example trying to garden was impossible but walking was easier than gardening.
So I pepped up my metabolism. It was five step forward and 3 back.

Gradually as time went on, meds improved the lupus very slowly I came to realise with this illness if one was going to get back in any kind of condition I had to 'make hay whilst the sun shined' where lupus was concerned.
What I mean by that is that I could not afford to be at all complacent.
Should I feel a better day than say yesterday I could not afford to think I will go for a walk tomorrow. Tomorrow may have been i mpossible .

The nature of lupus robs one from the luxury of choices. So I had to try to do the best I could with quite a lot of unpredictability.
I tried to discipline myself to accept the times I really would be doing more harm than good by walking and to realise that I had to push myself out on days that i thought I couldnt and to be wise enough to know the difference and to accept when I couldnt control or understand my body and nothing seemed to go right or work properly and I paid the price of feeling worse.. for all my efforts.

With an illness like lupus for my own experience is that my body gets out of condition. You loose the muscle and tone.
Muscle I believe uses up more energy to maintain its mass.
(I have been told this so I hope Im correct:rolleyes:)

So working on the principle that if I walk and therefore gain more muscle mass/ improve my metabolism,
then whilst at rest I am still burning off calories as my muscles do this to try to maintain themselves. There is a balance in all athelets in training.They have to rest to recover as the muscle breaks down during excercise and repairs itself inbetween ( ok Im sticking my neck out here resourcing what I think I udnerstand from what I have listened too)

Gosh this is a long post....I wish today I could be more concise:p.

With any chronic illness one is likely to loose condition.

I find the mornings still the hardest time despite my improvement in leaps and bounds due to medication.
I find that no matter how bad I feel if I move aroun d that helps even tho Im still really stiff and feel wacked in the mornings mostly.

I hope some of that is helpful. I also know that we are all different.
This disease has taken me down the road of being like an old lady whilst having injury symptoms of an athelete.

Do what you can and be very gentle on yourself for the things you wish you could but cant.
Maybe medication will help you on the road to loosing weight.


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I did wonder about fluid retention, but my GP pooh poohed that idea. I don't have swollen ankles, but my belly has got really fat (4 inches waistline gain in a couple of months), my face seems fatter (GP said not) and I have virtually lost all facial creases. This is particularly bad in the morning when I wake up, and what I think is swelling a My fingers seem fatter particularly in the mornings
Hi there again

I have taken your paragraph and deleted that which never appllied to me.
Other than the deletions I would say your symptoms were the same as mine.
I may have had a few extra things you have not mentioned as well.

My eyes I remember being really puffy as well as the area either side of my nose spreading out in an upside fan like shape over each facial cheek.

It really was perplexing. As I became better the swelling significantly disappeared.

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