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Hi ,

I'm sorry that you are still struggling to get answers to everything that is going on.

Re the weight question, there are a couple of possibilities. If your activity levels are low, and your calorie intake is low, it is quite probably that your metabolism has slowed, so you need fewer calories to get by on. The other possibility is if your body composition is changing, but your weight is remaining stable. Muscle weights more than water, and water more than fat (per cubic centemeter), so if you loose body muscle, and gain fat, you will be centemeters bigger but not kilos heavier. Does that make sense?

The other possibility is water retention. This can cause sudden and extreme weight gain. You should really have symptoms of this though once it gets more than a kilo or two - things like oedema in the ankles, and if you are lying in bed a lot, around the sacrum. Odema in the face and fingers can also be a sign. Having said that I have personally met someone with renal failure who we thought was not at all fluid overloaded - he looked completely normal and had no visible odema. After a new kidney transplant though he lost 15 kilos very quickly - all water weight, and all "hidden odema" - so it can happen.

Is it possible for you to weigh yourself on one of those body composition scales that tells you what percentage of body fat you have? Ideal for a woman is 17-25%. Do you have a dietician (because of the coeliacs maybe?)? I'd discuss your concerns with him/her if possible.

All the best,

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