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Hi All,

I'm really struggling to lose weight - I've been on varying doses of Prednisolone for 7 years now and have currently managed to reduce the dose to 5mg per day. Despite this and my diet, I have only lost a measly 3.5lbs in 12 weeks!!!

Does anyone know if we are able to take diuretics whilst on Pred - I also take Azathiaprine & Warfarin.

I know I'll never be the lovely slim person I once was but really could do with losing at least 40lbs!!! Now that my night classes have finished for the summer, I can get back down the gym more regularly but I've noticed that when I take my boots off and even my socks, I have noticeable 'dents' where there is fluid retention - hellllllllllllpppp!

(I'm so pathetic but this is really getting me down :blush:)

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