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Weight loss is scaring me!

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I have lost nearly 30 pounds in six months, and I do not need to lose any. My appetite is almost non-existent, I'm always worn out, and anything sweet (even just a small sip or bite) makes me severely queasy. I looked up the side effects of my Lupus meds, and all of them include loss of appetite, nausea, and possible weight loss. So I am giving serious consideration to going off my meds--albeit slowly and one at a time--because what's going on is really scaring me.
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I wouldn't advise this unless you see your rheumatologist and get his/her approval. Are you feeling well -- all in all -- at least and it's just the weight loss that is unnerving you?

If your lupus is somewhat active, I'd be more inclined to stay on the meds and force myself to eat (were it me).

If there are any new and additional symptoms that aren't the norm for you for lupus, then I think it's worth a trip to the doctor to make sure it isn't something else.

Good luck to you and take care...
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