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Hiya :)

I dont have the sensitive nose problems but I can empathise with the 'lump in the throat feeling'. I have occasional times when I have this sensation of a lump in my throat and tonight it was particularly bad because I was in a lot of pain and couldnt swallow my painkillers. I almost went into a 'spin' because of it. For no apparaent reason I suddenly could not swallow my tablets and I had no forewarning as to why they would not go beyond this 'lump' in my throat. I ended up 'snapping' my tablets in three bits (thank god they weren't capsules!) and swallowing them bit by bit. I find it hard to understand why they could not get past this 'lump' which had suddenly appeared. It doesnt cause me any problems when eating normally - just swallowing anything out of the ordinary. My latest labs say that my ESR is high so I wonder if I have a bit of inflammation in my throat. I wonder if you do too? My plan at the moment is to wait and see if a current symptom goes beyond about two weeks and if it does then I try and address it by targeting the symptom directly through my doctor. Sorry if this doesnt help - its the only thing I can offer at the moment.

As regards your eye, get this checked out as soon as you can. It could be a cyst. I had this about 10 years ago and I had to have it lanced. It came back about one year later and I had the same procedure and never had it repeated so I cant tell you the underlying cause. However, removing the cyst did resolve the problem. Its not the most pleasant of procedures (though not painful) but Im glad I went and sorted it out. I have no idea if it was related to my Lupus as I was far from diagnosed at the time. I looked like Blackbeard the Pirate (with my big white patch) for a while but it worked out alright.

Wish I could make you better....
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