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Hi there
I have had the eye infections, in fact my body can be "infection city" sometimes, eyes, ear, mouth, throat particularly. My doc and lupus nurse have told me that it will always take longer for a lupus patient to recover from infections.

If you are newly diagnosed it is going to take a while, in my experience, for the medication to be got right.

One thing I have learnt to do is be more vigilant when going out. Always wash my hands when having been on public transport, in stores etc. Try to avoid touching doors of public toilets after you have washed your hands. Doing this reduced the number of stomach upsets and viruses that I picked up. In the winter months I always always wear gloves. I wash hands and face as soon as I get home. At home I only use the ensuite bathroom (lucky me to have one now) so that I reduce risk of infections from guests. We ask friends not to come over or arrange to meet if they have colds, eye infections, etc. The trick is to be sensible without slipping into Obsessive Compulsive Disorder ;). You can't stop catching things but you can reduce your risk.

Mouth sores... if you do a search you will see a lot of people discussing this on the list. I have a whopping one on my left cheek just now and one on my bottom lip. For me they come and go with the lupus and you may find they reduce as your medication starts to work.

I can't really help with the IBS and lupus because I don't have it. By some miracle lupus has left that part of me alone. Mypartner does have it though and he avoids sugar, gluten (especially wheat) and dairy food (not easy for a vegetarian) and it controls but does not get rid of it. Stress will make it worse. Are you taking your meds with plenty of fluid? And at the right time? I got the timing wrong of one med and it wsn't wrking as wlel as it should.

Everyone's lupus is different and there is no magic wand to make the lupus flares stop. Keeping to your medicine regime, resting regularly (I have not done that as much as I should and that on top of infections has knocked me into a big flare just now), eating sensible and getting gentle exercise have all helped. Reducing stress (being on this list really helps) if you can, although I know that is hard for most people in this busy life.

Gon on a bit, hope this helps.
Early days for you yet, hope you get better soon,
Love sara
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