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Hi Everyone
Went to the Rheumy today for the first time in 12 months, maybe a bit overdue, but time has a way of flying by and I have a way of avoided dr's and any cost. He is actually the defininition of what a good dr is, he takes the time to go through everything and answer all my questions and concerns. Unlike the GP's in my area who are either nice but never there or complete pigs but able to write a script, no more no less.. My Rheumy actually recommended a couple of GP in my area today.

Anyway up until now I have been on Plaquenil 400mg for the Lupus, but my flares are definatley becoming more intense and longer. My pain, particualarly in my left wrist, fingers and elbow has become chronic. Last week did a trial of Prednisolone 25mg x4days 12 1/2mg x4days. The Prednisolone did wonders for my inflammation and pain but I barely slept over that week and had a migraine for most of it (think that may have been coincedental as I was also premenstral at the same time)

I have now been put on the following

Plaquenil reduced to 200mg daily
Prednisolone 5mg daily
Methotrexrate 10mg once week
Folic Acid 5 mg twice per week

plus on other meds
Metoprolol 150 mg daily splilt into 2 doses
Efexor 150mg daily (might see if I can reduce that as Im pretty relaxed these days I think)

I was ordered

Chest Xray, Lung function test, Echo cardiogram, Full Lupie Blood work and Urine specimen to be done once menstrual bleeding has stopped, Need to get bloods done fortnightly for liver function etc because of mtx drug, also told to go see a opthomologist as I thought a normal optomitrist would be fine but appartantly not. Also told to get vaccinated for flu vaccine next winter and pnenomia vaccine asap.

So am I going to start glowing like Mr Burns bringing Love???? :eek:
Cant believe I remember all that, lucky my mum was there be my 2nd set of ears. Love you mum :)

I'll let you know how I go! Wish me luck


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Hi Shell,

Going to the doctor isn't my favorite thing either, but you really do need to see your rheumy regularly. Fortunately you have one you like so that should make it easier for you.

It sounds like you are getting a very thorough work-up. I hope all the testing comes out alright.

Take care,

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Hello, I really do wish you well. Sounds like you MAY have had a steroid headache. Luckily methotrexate is steroid sparing i.e you can do well on a much lower dose of steroids.

Hope things go well. I am on Methotrexate among other things. I have been on it for years. It is a good med.
x Lola

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Hi there guys

Yes I now know that I should not have waited quite so long to go back to my rheumy, its just that last time I saw my rheumy he said come back in 12 months unless needed. Well I figured chronic pain is just normal for us lupies and if Im not dying then its just something I need to get used to. Why waste a good dr's time? Anyway I should not have thought like that because it turns out he does want to make my daily life more comfortable even semi normal! You will be happy to hear that i need to go more frequently now :)

As for the steriod headache, Im afraid you might be right. I was hoping it was a coincidence that I had a four day headache. I took my new lower dose of prednisolone this morning and I already have the headache back again. Is it something that your body gets used to after a while? Might go and check out some posts on the topic.

Thanks for listening guys

Shell xo

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Glad to hear that you have updated your meds. Sounds like you are taking most of the 'normal' stuff and doses as most of us. You may want to add a B12 and also a calcium/magnesium supplement to the mix. Check on them. As for the Opthamologist this is standard when on plaquenil, first to establish a base-line of your eye sight/periphial vision and colour blindness if any, and then at least once a year afterwards to monitor if there are any changes.
All the best with everything.
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