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Fireworks, visiting family, an ART course .... wonderful, wonderful ... especially the art course - just a tad jealous of that one I must admit.

BUT, BUT, BUT - What's happening in Trawden (near Colne) in Lancashire this weekend? Only The Trawden Garden Festival (Sat & Sun).

Mentioned it last year I think. It's where eveybody wishing to take part gives permission for complete strangers (mainly villagers, but news is spreading) to meader around their gardens. There is a scare crow competition, and unusual planted container competition, etc, etc. The village hall has stalls for people wishing to sell things (artists, local guides and brownies, individuals ... some sell plants every year).

You get a map from the village hall with all the gardens / scare crows plotted, & which gardens are open to view or as tea gardens, etc. I think the theme for scare crows this year is 'Around The World'. Local pubs (2 of) are usually quite relaxed and busy by the evening ... unless it RAINS.

So i will refrain from doing a spot of guerrilla weed seed bombing of local gardens by exercising intense jealousy control. My garden has had no attention, is still in development, is wild and wrecked with building materials and stuff everywhere. So mine isn't going to feature. Perhaps next year. Been saying that for 2 years now.

This year i intend to make sure my camera is charged so i can stea ... BORROW and personalise good ideas.

Have a lovely 4th July and weekend all.

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