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hi all

just wondering if i could ask for any advice/opinions. After being told by a gp i dont normally see that i have lupus i have come back from my follow up rhumie appt. After looking at my result he said that because i had a high positive ana 1:1280 and aches and pains it could suggest a lupus diagnosis. I also had a positive ssa blood test which proves either lupus or sjogrens. He asked what my symptoms where which i told him (bad aches and pains, swollen glands, jaw pain, vascillitis on lower leg flares, fatigue, oral thrush, dry mouth). He then said that he thought i had sjogrens not lupus. I said couldnt i have both and he said if he thought i had lupus you would expect some of my negative tests to be positive ie anti dsDNA, sm, c3 and c4 etc etc, he said at the moment a lupus diagnosis was not likely. I am aware that these result can change at given times ie flares etc. My bloods were taken shortly after a vascillitis flare though. My RF was positive but he said that he is unsure that i have rhumatoid arthritis, should i ask for some x rays to be done?. I feel he was reluctant to give me a sure diagnosis based on these results, and i think i am displaying symptoms of lupus. He is intending to start me on plaquinil soon after my eye test but will treat me for srjogrens. I feel frustrated and confused by all this. What do you all think???

many thanks annie x
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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