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In my opinion, you could probably qualify for either diagnosis with those symptoms and blood test results. Or both. I am not aware of Sjorgen's being especially known for causing vasculitis although it's probably quite possible. Sjorgen's can also be a pretty severe, systemic autoimmune disease that can affect many organs and cause a lot of pain too. It's not just dry eyes/mouth!

Was this your first follow up appointment with the rheumy? Some rheumy's are quite reluctant to give a lupus diagnosis quickly, and will choose to officially diagnose something else initially until there is no choice but to dx lupus. This is personal diagnosing habit - quite possibly due to the very negative effects having a lupus diagnosis has on obtaining health or life insurance in the future.

As already stated, the good news is that you are being started on medication that treats both lupus and Sjorgen's. If you need something else in the next few months to treat your symptoms please contact the doctor again. A short course of prednisone can be quite helpful in quickly controlling pain levels and increasing energy too. Or other pain medications may be given...

Take care and hope that eye appointment is soon!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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