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What is IT?

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Hi all sorry to keep posting about this but am kinda worried :worried:. In the wee hours of the morning today I was awaken by what I can only describe as the outer right upper thigh felt like it was on fire:sad:. I don't see the rhuemy until the first week in february. If I tried to move my leg at all it just made it worse. I was screaming and crying it hurt so much. Should I call the rhuemy and let him know this is going on? It has never felt this bad as it did this morning.

Any help or advise would be wonderful as this is new to me :wink2:. Thank You so much for listening.
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Hello Tammy,
I would go to your GP if you are in that much pain,or if it's really bad A&E,nothing should hurt that much,go let them have a look at you,take care,
Hi Tammy,

I would go see the GP too if it was me. Do you have any back problems, if it's the outer thigh then it could be related to that my Neuro told me. I have burning and excruciating pain but it's in the front of my thigh and related to neuropathy.

Hope you get some relief soon :hug:

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