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What is sun sensitivity?

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Just wondering what constitutes sun sensitivity. I dont think I am as I dont get any rashes or anything in the sun.
But we have had a really hot sunny week here and my joints seem to be swelling ... first time for ages as although I have chronic fatigue and muscle weakness etc my joints havnt been too bad.
My ankles and even up my legs are really swollen..looking like elephant legs. Just wondered if that maybe is the heat or maybe the sun makes the joints swell. My fingers are a bit fat too and they havnt been like that for ages. Ive not spent loads of time in the sun just short periods because I dont really like it that much as it makes me more fatigued than ever.
Im diagnosed with Lupus SLE and Fibromyalgia. Just wondered what you think.
Sal x
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The sun making you more fatigued than ever and swollen joint is your bodies way of being sun sensitive. I believe it is more of the UVrays that get us rather than the sun itself. Because for me it happens, if i don't have sunblock on inside a high florescent place or outside in the sun.

Operative word where would SUN BLOCK ..i use spf70 over my entire body whether i am going out or not ,, it helps..
Thanks Sadie... thats interesting because I am very fatigued when I go to the shopping centre. I just thought that was the walking and extra energy needed for shopping.
I really could just lie down in the walkway sometimes and standing at the till in the warm weather makes me feel like putting the stuff back and giving up and going home.
I never thought of the lights.
Sal x
Sally, Sun makes me ill immediately without time for a rash to develop. I think you must take this seriously as it doesn't just show in rashes. I get head pains , shakes, legs go numb. Some girls get violent stomach upsets with it. I have to sleep it off and I know you work hard and can't do that.
Xxx Lola

Miss you in Chat lately.
Thanks Lola,
Think Im still learning all the far reaching symptoms this can bring. I dont want to add any more conditions to what I already have but yes it needs thinking about.
Years ago when I thought I had RA people always used to say wait for the nice warm sunny days you will feel better. I often noticed I felt worse in the nice weather.
Ill have to come in chat soon. Cant access it from AOL for some reason but Ive worked out how to get in now.
Sal x

I have CFS and I have sun sensitivity very, very bad. If I'm outside in the heat for basically more than 15 minutes when it's warm, I get worse fatigue. The rash that I already have on my face looks like a total sunburn as the sun affects the rash right away.

:) Hi Sal, I have
fibro also, along with my Lupus, and I say that I have two rules= 1-the sun is your enemy,2-stress=pain. Fibro and Lupus both have a lot of fatigue that they hand out, and that will never go away, well, you will have your good days when you get yourself regulated.I just don't go outside period, if I have no choice, I go with the sunblock and make sure I am covered up from head to toe. So, please be careful, it's your body, and you don;t want to get sicker or live in worse pain. Pace yourself, and rest, and be well.:rolleyes:
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