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I take paracetamol (2 x 500mg) four times a day with Dihydrocodeine (2 x 30mg) at the same time. Plus an anti-inflammatory (Arcoxia) once a day which has helped a bit. Taking pain meds radically improved my ability to do things. When I just took an anti-malarial or prednisilone the pain was there all the time. It breaks through though. The paracetamol/codiene combination takes around 30mins or more to "kick in" then wears off after a couple of hours so pain for me is a bit up and down. It is worse now cos I am flaring I think.

Resting regularly, even for 10 minutes, really helps. (Proper rest, feet up doing nothing). ;) And learning to pace, when to stop and slow down (which I am really bad at). There are also pain management programmes these days. I went to a really good one at the Buddhist centre in Manchester. I learnt meditation there which also helps with the pain... doesn't remove it just helps with attitude and awareness. And I learnt techniques for managing time, energy, etc. It was very supportive and the people running it very understanding and kind.

Over the counter you have paracetamol and codiene combination (lower dose codeine than docs recommend) and ibuprofen. Don't ever take more than recommended of any of these). Ibuprofen has a reputation of flaring lupus although I am OK with it. It can also cause stomach upsets (lining of stomach damaged). I always take tablets with food although it delays action it is better as lupies can get stomach problems more easily than "normal" people.

The doc can prescribe much stronger and better pain control.
Hope this helps
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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