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Hi there,

Stephanie is correct in that the doc really needs a lot of info on your particular pain problems in order to help you find some meds that will tame it.

There are all sorts of pain, from all sorts of sources. Information you give your doctor on the type and level of pain, how it started and what makes it worse/better, how it affects you and what it stops you doing will go a long way to finding the right drug cocktail.

I am on 1000mg of Naprosyn sustained release anti-inflammatory and two anti-seizure drugs (for nerve pain) every day. I also take an anti-depressant and no doubt that helps a little too, but it's mainly for my lupus induced depression. On other days when I need it I take a combo of codeine and a muscle relaxer, and on the really bad days I have a very strong codeine based drug I take.

Good luck and please make sure you discuss this with your doc. Whilst I have a certain level of pain every day, life is at least more liveable with my current meds.


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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