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What to do - decisions to make....

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Hi - let me first apologise if this thread is in wrong place but wasn't sure where to put it ;) I want to ask you all for your wisdom and advice on my current dilema so please join in and tell me what you would do in my shoes.....

Background - still awaiting diagnosis of anything - i suppose main problems are low white count and pains! Currently on maternity leave, meant to be leaving job and starting nursing in January so will have to hand notice in beginning of December if going ahead with that.

My choices are -
1. Forget nursing until i know whats wrong - potentially deferring course which leaves me with dilema of whether to go back to job i was unhappy in but was paid well in.

2. Go ahead with application and pack job in - fingers crossed for the best outcome.

3. Forget everything and stay at home with daughter which i actually can't really afford to do but just hope everything works itself out.

As it looks like my case is going to be split between haematology and rheumatology i dont hold out hope for an answer to all medical issues in time for decision making about life. Occi health at Uni just said its really down to whether i feel i can do it - but i feel better some days than others.....

I feel a lot of pressure mounting now to dive in deep end and decide what im doing which probably isn't helping me. So come on folks - what would you do?
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Kiara, If you feel you would qualify put in a claim for DLA immediately. You do not need a diagnosis to qualify it is based on what help you need. This applies whether you actually get the help or not) Maybe the money,if awarded, would help you. Diagnosis can be slow.
x Lola
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