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Where is everyone?

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I think this is the first time I've been the only member on this site by myself. Am I missing something important (maybe I should turn the TV on :lol:).

The VP debate is tomorrow right? Where is everyone?

Anyway, has anyone had really severe muscle spasms with their lupus?

Mine have been getting worse to the point where my entire back and front of my torso go into a spasm (especially around my ribs) for hours and it can be hard to breath. Doc did give me a new med for this (Skelaxin or something like that) and it does help a lot. Just wondering if others have this.

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??? Maybe they're baseball fans ? Lots of playoff games on tonight..

I get terrible spasms in my feet and toes... it keeps me up at night. I've never had the one's like you describe though... thank goodness... I hope you feel better soon...
Hi Jen,

Your muscles spasms sound really painful.:( It is great your new med is helping.

I get muscle spasms but not as bad as you.

I have been the only member on here once wondered the same thing.:lol:

Take care,
Hey Jen!

Baseball?!!?! That sounds nice! I was sleeping when you posted, wish I could say I was doing something a little more constructive than that! :lol:

Never had any muscle spasms from lupus, but have had muscle spasms when I had meningo-encephalitis and they were really no fun... Glad the skelaxin is helping you so much though! :)

Hi Jen,

Sorry to hear you have been feeling so miserable.

I get muscle spasms often. So far I have been able to use heat and stretch the muscles enough to relieve the pain. There isn't much you can do with the torso though. I am glad the new medication is helping.

Take care,

I get muscle spasms in my back, usually only on one side at a time. I haven't found anything to help other than resting. Of course, most of us can't just rest until this stuff goes away so I keep on, a very noticeable wince on my face every time the spasm hits.
Hi Jen,

I take Baclofen 60mg a day due to muscle spasms.

I am glad the Skelaxin is working for you.

And I think everyone in the US is watching the Phillies.:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
Thanks everyone.

Yes rest and heat help too. And also not doing too much repetative motion, like sewing which I like to do.

Moderation is the key.

Doing a 24 hour urine collection today, having too much fun. Kidney doc says it's just precautionary though, had some odd test results last month but he's pretty certain these will be OK.

Well, I'm off to take a nap.

Take care everyone.
Yep, I was alseep too when you posted. Generally if you get me at that time it's not good news for me :)

Hope you're feeling a lot brighter soon,
I get achy muscle spasms in my arms which improved some when I started the meds. When I do get them they're not terribly painful, just annoying. I hope you get some relief. It sounds awful!
Hi Jen,
I am so sorry about your muscle spasms-NO FUN!!!!
I take skelaxin also and it does work great! Mine are not as bad as yours and not very often, but they still hurt really bad. I use heat too and that is the trick.
I am also sorry about the migraines and seizures. Did you ever change up your meds? Have you seen the neurologist? Let me know okay:)

where is everyone

hi hi jen, sorry to hear you'r not feeling, well i've not experienced anything like you are describing, how r u feeling now?:)
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